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At this time we are looking for funding for our product(s) and once we reach our goal of $100k, we will launch an announcement trailer with all the details. Click on one of the tiers below, pre-order and stay tuned. Refunds will be issued if our goal isn't met. Our deadline is tbd. We won’t sell your data to anyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us. :)


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A great fast-paced game for my friends and I. The people that made this game understand that people have busy lives but still want people to enjoy life. I will continue to see what they do next. They have good intentions. I was one of the people to get an early copy of the game. People need to buy this game so the game devs can give us more.


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Please take a few minutes to leave a review. We really want to grow this brand and were excited for everyone to join us on this journey.  Pay attention to us we have a lot planned.

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Welcome to Gaming Catastrophic, we have a lot that we want to do with this game. We want to be able to differentiate ourselves from the market. We want to eventually start doing battle passes, create more casual modes for the game, an amazing league play that can be done virtually or even with your loved ones. We also have a really good idea for a progression system that will get people really excited for our game! Introducing Overruled By Cats!

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